Dedicated Analytical Solutions

Dedicated Analytical Solutions

FOSS provides rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for routine control of quality and processing throughout the supply chain for agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Central Milk Testing
Chemical Analysis
Feed and Forage
Grain and Miling

FOSS is a global partner with more than 120 offices worldwide.

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Solution spotlight

Infratec NOVA

Latest generation Infratec grain analyser officially approved in Germany, France and USA

The InfratecTM NOVA grain analyser has been approved for analysis of moisture in grain by the National Metrological Institute in Germany (known as PTB).


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Fibre conference at FOSS in Denmark

Fibre conference follow-up: video and interview

The FOSS ‘Re-think fibre’ conference set out to take a fresh look at how to test fibre in food and animal feed. Watch the video report and key speaker interview from the event to learn more.

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