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Improve efficiency, improve profitability

For a manufacturer producing 10 tons of minced meat products daily, a 1% improvement in fat content measurement accuracy can result in an annual saving of at least EUR 30,000 through improved raw material use and improved supplier control.

FOSS service and support

More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.

FOSS Support

On target in ground meat production

Standardisation of ground meat -find your chemical lean

This animation demonstrates the MeatMaster II in action as it scans the meat for standardisation of batches according to predefined specifications. Watch this animation video to get an overview of how to standardise batches of ground meat. F. ex the chemical lean in sausage production, using either automatic or manual in-feed, and other benefits such as; foreign object detection and (box ID) data storage.

CasesStandardisation of minced meat for consumer packs

Mr. Hans Jürgen Kummer, General Manager of Schiller Fleisch, says: “With MeatMaster™ we carry out fat analysis, weight determination and most importantly, checks for foreign objects allowing us to offer very safe products. MeatMaster™ allows us to always offer fresh and above all standardised and analysed products.“

See MeatMaster™ in action

Using X-ray technology, MeatMaster™ gives continuous ’real time’ results based on scanning 100% of the meat on the conveyor. MeatMaster can be used for meat analysis and analysis of meat contamination on all raw meat.

See ProFoss™ in action

ProFossTM secures easy control of chemical lean in your ground meat production. The high resolution technology results in high accuracy

CasesMinced meat for consumers - Martinez Lorientes, Spain

The company Embutidos Martínez was established in 1988 and the plant in Buñol is a new and highly automated plant, dedicated for the production of minced meat in consumer packs. MeatMaster™ is fully integrated in the production line and provides data for automatic production of batches of minced meat. Bone and metal is automatically rejected.

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